"She made me laugh, she made me cry. What an amazing performance"
Nilam Wright - Artist and Fitness Professional http://on.fb.me/eWcpju

"Blak Spice brings flavour to learning. She energises and motivates young people to achieve in ways that formal education struggles to do"
Wes Davidson - Youth and Community Worker and Advisor in Schools

"An excellent poet - don't stop writing!"
Sam Glasgow - Youth and Community/Outreach Manager

"True to life, inspirational to others, makes you think twice about one another. Passion and energy sprays out, which brings positivity in this time of negative feeling. Words that need to be heard"
Neema Gautama - Shakti Arts

"I thought she was brilliant, confident and strong"
Naomi Wilds - Producer www.adversecamber.org

"Truly outstanding words of wisdom"
Sheree Dunn - Events Coordinator

"She is on a journey with a clear vision, strong focus, knowing herself ..."
Sally Lemsford - stepUP Coordinator
www.oneandother.co.uk/participants/Sally_L   //  www.45poundsplus.co.uk

"Outstanding! Fantastic! As good as any other"
Nikki Rhodes - Involvement Officer www.derbyshirevoice.co.uk

"Fusing rap and street poetry - crossing over into a different genre"
Brian Searle www.nottingham-theatre.co.uk

"amazing poetry"     "a wordsmith"

"such a lyrical voice"     "spellbinding and captivating"

"A word-smith of immeasurable talent"

(from Open Mic - World Mental Health Day Fundraiser - Oct 2011)

"such a strong presence on stage. I was hanging on your every word! Jo painted the pictures and conveyed emotions really well - using her whole body to express the poetry"
Kirsty Munro www.mainstreampartnership.co.uk
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